Writing Thank You Letters People Will Love

There is a real science to the way we write letters and it is important to get it right, as well as the etiquette or writing letters there are many ways we can alter our content to make the letters better and turn them into something people will love.

A thank you letter is a great way to say thank you and is usually given as a way of thanking somebody for a gift or service they have provided and are very popular after birthday parties and weddings or any other time when a lot of gifts have been received. It is a nice thing to do when we receive something from people.

  1. Include your address and format the letter correctly. It can sometimes be nice to write informal notes and letters but for these purposes a formal letter will show your gratitude in a nice way that seems somehow more thoughtful.
  2. Talk about the gift you have received, it is quite insensitive to just write “thank you for the gift” as it seems like you have just generically written random letters to send to anyone who has given you a gift, especially if it is in response to a wedding or birthday gift, so make it personal and instead of saying “thanks for sending me a gift” say something along the lines of “thank you for the lovely hamper, we especially liked the wine and will look forward to using it”, much more personable and shows your specific appreciation.
  3. If they sent money, tell them what you will use it for. A lot of the time people will choose to give cash or cheques as opposed to having to find a gift and risk you not enjoying it. If they do send cash think of something you will use it for and let them know it has gone to good use, for example “we are putting your kind gift towards our ski holiday in march”.
  4. Don’t wait too long. Nothing says “I don’t care that much” like waiting months to bother to write your thank you letters. Try and get them written and sent as soon as you possibly can so that people know that showing your gratitude is high on your priorities and not just a footnote or something you will put on a “to do list” and forget about for months, be prompt and polite.
  5. Show some love, they’ve been kind to you so don’t make it sound like a business letter, if you’re close with the person you can sign it “with love” or “many thanks” instead of “yours sincerely” for example.